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Nightmare City (1980)

Dean Miller, a reporter at the local news station, is sent to the airport to interview an expert on radiation following a leak at a nuclear power plant.  While he waits for the expert’s plane to arrive, an unidentified plane … Continue reading

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Zombie (1979)

A sailboat enters into New York harbor, sailing erratically and posing a hazard to other vessels, narrowly missing hitting the ferry.  Two harbor patrol officers board the ship, which seems to be sailing without a crew.  As one of the … Continue reading

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Holocaust 2000 (1977)

Holocaust 2000 is a British-Italian co-production, also known as Rain of Fire in its European release.  The film is an Omen-inspired end of days film that centers on the emergence of the Antichrist. The basic story concerns wealthy industrialist Robert … Continue reading

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Hell of the Living Dead (1980)

Scientists at Hope Center One in Papua New Guinea are ostensibly working on a solution to feed the hungry in the Third World countries, but are in reality working on a secret project called Operation Sweet Death. An industrial accident … Continue reading

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